Patio Doors

Nu-Star’s Patio Doors

Create an impressive entrance to your home with beautiful, high-quality patio doors from Milgard in your choice of styles and frames.

When you select a patio door for your home, you reflecting your personality. It’s an extension of you. A personal statement.

It’s the passageway for your guests and family. It welcomes in sunlight, and protects you from the elements. The right door can add so much character to your home – and be an investment you’ll value for a lifetime.

If you looking for the perfect match for your home. Nu-Star Patio Doors is the clear choice.


Essence Series

Experience the revolutionary design of all natural wood paired with a fiberglass exterior frame.

essence patio doors

Tuscany Series

A beautiful, premium vinyl patio door crafted from Milgard’s proprietary formula.

Tuscany patio doors

Montecito Series

Vinyl patio doors specially designed for new construction.

Montecitio patio doors

Style Line Series

Satisfy your desire for a clean design with Style Line® Series slim-profile doors.

Style Line patio doors

Aluminum Series

Light and thin with the hallmark of aluminum durability.

Aluminum patio doors

Ultra Series

Beautiful, durable fiberglass patio doors built to last.

Ultra patio doors

Patio Door Operating Styles

Like windows, patio doors come in many architectural styles. They can be simplistic in appearance to emphasize views. Or they can be works of art in their own right, admired for aesthetics and form. Whether you choose classic French doors or opt for an expansive multi-panel design, our patio doors will add light and beauty, security and peace of mind.


operating styles patio doors



Select a Frame Material

Each component of a window and door — from the insulated glass to the hardware — is encapsulated within the frame. A well-crafted frame begins with high grade raw materials that are transformed to windows and patio doors through a strict quality-control process. Nu-Star selects frame materials with purpose and stands behind every finished product to provide long-lasting performance.


Wood is prized for its natural beauty and warmth. A delicate frame material that is vulnerable to sun and rain, wood is nevertheless desired for its authenticity. Wood-grain texture and intricate details are only provided by solid wood and cannot be truly replicated with wood veneer. Sanding and painting is part of routine maintenance. Solid wood frames are best suited for areas with temperate climates.


Vinyl frames are especially energy efficient due to its ability to trap air. In addition to their insulating properties, vinyl frames are UV resistant, require little maintenance and are generally more affordable compared to its wood and fiberglass counterparts


Fiberglass has steadily grown in popularity over the years as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood frames. Well-designed fiberglass windows and doors enhance curb appeal through its aesthetic flexibility to match the house’s architectural style. Every Milgard fiberglass frame is tested for color uniformity, gloss, film thickness and chemical resistance for quality and long-lasting performance.


There is nothing quite like aluminum — a recognized and established frame material that architects and builders have specified for years. The strength and distinct feel of aluminum has made it timeless. Aluminum frames are easy to maintain and are sometimes less expensive than other frame options.
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